Who are we?

The Roux Academy gets thousands of submissions every year for programmers interesting in participating in the AI projects, We are a team of professionals in AI, Machine Learning, e-commerce & IT systems, Focused on generating machine learning, e-business and technology solutions.

We provide technology AI, machine learning & e-commerce solutions and also offer courses & consultancy in PYTHON, NODE JS, STERLING COMERCE, JAVA, applied MACHINE LEARNING for Fiancial, FOREX and STOCKS.

We are all professionals graduates of the career of applied mathematics and physics. Some of our clients includes: IBM, WALMART, COSTCO, FOREX, CITI, AT&T.

Who should come?

  • Anybody interested in AI, JAVA, NODE JS and the MACHINE LEARNING, PYTHON
  • Programmers, Developers, mathematicians, physicists, AI experts, Collective Intelligence
  • Those interested in meeting and making a connection with others in the local machine learning & AI scene.